Launchpad innovation centre for green infrastructure

This pilot targets heat stress, fluvial / coastal flooding, air and water pollution and loss of biodiversity
In 2020, Southend on Sea City Council started the development of Launchpad. This innovation centre, the first of its kind in the Borough, encourages small and medium businesses to invest in the area. Green infrastructure for climate resilience forms an integral part of this innovation centre, which serves as an exemplar for future new developments.
Pilot location

Southend on Sea

Project phase



Dense City

The pilot delivers a suite of Green Infrastructure to this development and builds climate resilience whilst creating an attractive and healthy environment to attract new businesses. This pilot serves as an exemplar for the inclusion of Green Infrastructure on future new developments in the area and beyond.

The Launchpad site is increasingly at risk of flooding from a nearby river due to climate change. Through the provision of swales, rain gardens, a meadow and permeable paving the pilot significantly improves the water attenuation on site and reduces flood risk.  A key objective is to provide flood risk mitigation at a level that would cover even flood events that may occur just once every 100 years, adjusted by 40% for climate change.

The pilot also builds climate resilience by reducing heat stress and improving air quality. Other benefits of the green infrastructure delivered include an increase in biodiversity and an improvement to the health and well-being of workers.

Work on the development of Launchpad began in July 2020 and has been completed in 2022.

The Launchpad and surrounding meadow have been completed. The NSCiti2S Business Model shows that the site now delivers more ecosystem services than before the development. 


Southend on Sea Borough Council
Rachel Porter