Better Queensway

This pilot targets heat stress, fluvial / coastal flooding, drought, heavy rainfall, air and water pollution and loss of biodiversity
The pilot aims to establish a template for all regeneration schemes to include green infrastructure. Understanding the financial benefits that this approach brings to regeneration schemes, is therefore the main focus.
Pilot location

Southend on Sea

Project phase



Dense City

The Better Queensway scheme will transform the Queensway area in central Southend into a vibrant new community. A key objective of this project is to provide better quality and more energy efficient housing, a range of housing types, a better environment for people to live in, improved public spaces, improved infrastructure and a better connection between the homes in this area and the town centre.  
The first step is to work with the contractors to develop an understanding of what green infrastructure can be designed into Better Queensway. Then, in phase 1 of the project, the work begins to deploy green infrastructure measures that build climate resilience in the area. The aim is to deliver 10 swales, 10 rain gardens and 750 m2 of permeable paving in the outdoor car parks, walkways and alongside roads. The pilot concentrates on Green Infrastructure at ground level, whereas the contractor is expected to deploy up to 2000 m2 of green roof space. 

October 2021


Anna Oxenham
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