Creating an urban water buffer in the Cromvlietpark

This pilot targets heat stress, drought and heavy rainfall
With the renewal of the Cromvlietpark, an innovative urban water buffer will be built underneath the park.
Pilot location

The Hague

Project phase



Dense City

Cromvlietpark in The Hague is being renewed. Part of the ongoing revitalization process is the implementation of an Urban Water Buffer. 7.500m2 hard surface is disconnected from the sewer. The rainwater coming from these surfaces will be stored locally, in the deep underground. During warm summer periods, the fresh water can be pumped up. The water will be used to irrigate the vegetation in the urban farm and the local kitchen garden of the Cromvlietpark.

Next to the technological innovations regarding climate adaptation, the socio-economic improvements are just as important. To enhance the quality of life in the neighbourhood, this project also focuses on visibility, enhancing the spatial quality, and creating awareness for climate change in the neighbourhood.

The start of the executive phase is planned in the beginning of 2020. Implementation should be finished by the end of 2020. 


Municipality of The Hague
Wiebke Klemm

Spui 70
2511 BT Den Haag
The Netherlands
Cromvlietpark pilot location

Project Partners