Revitalising Wemeldinge Noord

This pilot targets heat stress and heavy rainfall
Wemeldinge Noord experiences regular flooding at times of heavy rainfall. The pilot, designed in close collaboration of residents, will see a large area of road surfaces, parking spaces and pavements replaced with alternative green options.
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(Sub)urban residential area

Wemeldinge Noord in the Municipality of Kapelle experiences regular flooding at times of heavy rainfall. This issue is caused not just by increasing levels of rainfall, but also by an outdated sewage system and the grey nature of the roads and sidewalks. 

Residential consultations have played a crucial role in the design of the pilot. It has been inspiring to see residents voting for the greenest and most climate resilient options presented to them. As a result, the ambition of this pilot has been greatly enhanced compared to the original pilot anticipated at the start of the Nature Smart Cities project.

The ambitious residential pilot, which will be completed in May 2022 and run alongside the renewal of the sewerage system, will see the dramatic regeneration of a residential area. In total 6.640 m2 of road surfaces, parking spaces and pavements will be replaced with alternative green permeable options. New attractive communal green areas will be created resulting in an increase of green space from 8.280 m2 to 15.220m2. The result will be an attractive green residential area, designed in close collaboration with its residents which reduces the risk of localised flooding and delivers a wealth of other benefits.

The implementation phase has started May 2021. The construction is expected to be finished by May 2022.


Municipality of Kapelle
Ilse van der Venne
Wemeldinge Noord Pilot Location

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