Launch of the Business Model

The Nature Smart Cities Business Model is now available for download, for all city planners, landscape architects and others interested in greener cities.

How do you calculate the value of a tree? Of a pond? That's exactly the type of questions Wito van Oijstaeijen and Maíra Finizola e Silva started with during their research for the Nature Smart Cities Business Model. The result is an easy to use excel tool, that can be used to calculate different ecosystem services. For example the amount of carbon stored by trees, the influence on the local air temperature or the quantity of rain water infiltrated into the ground.

The model also helps to compare difficult to measure values, such as the influence on biodiversity or the aesthetic appreciation when an area is enhanced with more vegetation. No more excuses that plants and trees are expensive. They might be, but the value they provide on the long term for the liveability of our cities greatly surpasses the initial costs. Download the Business Model now, to see what value green infrastructure can bring to your next city development project. 

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