Cambridge Households Help to Assess the Vital Role of Trees

Cambridge citizens help to analyse how much carbon dioxide and pollution the trees in their city filter from the air. They use the i-Tree Eco tool.

This week the Cambridge Canopy Project launches an innovative urban forestry study inviting households to help assess the vital roles played by trees, including tackling climate change, improving air quality, and preventing flooding. Cambridge City Council, Treeconomics, Forest Research, and Anglia Ruskin University will deliver the i-Tree Eco study. The study describes and quantifies the benefits delivered by Cambridge’s 300,000 trees to residents, visitors, and wildlife. The study will inform management and investment decisions about Cambridge’s urban forest, maximising its benefits for current and future generations. Randomly selected households will be invited to participate. If willing, they will be issued a project pack guiding them through the survey. Participants will contribute valuable data about trees from the safety of their homes. Councillor Katie Thornburrow, Executive Councillor for Planning Policy & Open Spaces: "I am pleased that residents and students have the opportunity to participate in this project, helping to protect this wonderful green asset for the whole community”.