Construction Urban Water Buffer started

Green light for the start of construction UWB

Today elderman Liesbeth van Tongeren, responsible for Sustainability, Environment and Energy Transition in The Hague, gave the official green light for the construction of the Urban Water Buffer in the Cromvlietpark. Van Tongeren: “2020 has already been one of the driest years ever. That is why we have to use water smartly. In the Cromvliet Park we will soon store water when it rains, and in dry periods it will be used again to keep the park green and cool."

In 2015, The Hague was one of the first municipalities in the Netherlands to start a climate stress test. This showed that parts of the center and district of Laak, where the Cromvliet Park is located, are very sensitive to extreme rain. Because the park was also due for renovation, the municipality has previously invested in redesigning and greening the park. Thanks to a European investment from the INTERREG Nature Smart Cities, water storage can now also be constructed.

A water buffer in the middle of a residential area is unique. They have been used in the agricultural sector in the Netherlands before, but only once in a city. The Cromvliet Park is therefore a pilot and the results will be shared with other cities.

The municipality is working on the project with local partners such as Hoogheemraadschap Delfland, Dunea water company, Metropoolregio Den Haag and TU Delft's Green Village.

Have a look here to see the video