Nature Smart Cities: Report now drafted

The report ‘The Secrets of SuccESS?’ has now been completed and expected to be released in June 2020.

Phil Back, of Imperial College London, undertook a series of 53 semi-structured interviews over the winter of 2019-20, with staff and elected representatives from 15 different municipal and provincial authorities.  This process ended in late February, since when Phil has been analysing the results of the interviews and drafting a report.

The report, entitled ‘The Secrets of SuccESS?’ has now been completed, and has been circulated initially to project managers and academic partners for comments and queries to be raised, prior to a full release in June 2020.

It covers several important aspects of GI project development, including local city priorities, the obstacles to GI at local level, finding the funding, assembling supporting evidence, and identifying the benefits that can be secured.

Phil says ‘The report opens up some very useful lines of thought that can help those initiating GI projects to think more widely about how they can give their ideas the best possible chance of approval within their municipalities.  We hope it also helps to support the development of the Business Model, a key deliverable for this project, by giving insight into how local authorities handle this kind of proposal, and what they need to get it approved.’